Our vision TOGETHER is to see the Kingdom of God proclaimed and evident throughout the earth. Our only message is the proclamation of Christ and the Kingdom of God.

We believe that as this Kingdom is proclaimed we will see lives changed and cities transformed. We know that the proclamation of the Kingdom of God will bring about the release of creation and herald the coming of the sons of God and the return of Christ.

We believe that as we proclaim the Kingdom of God men and women will receive it and the fruit of the message will be the church. We believe that the church is to be the vibrant authentic life of Christ manifest in the earth, and as ministries we are committed to bringing this about while maturing the body of Christ.

We will give our lives to the maturing and empowering of the saints of God as they take their place in creation. We seek to see the body of Christ as ONE, to fulfil Jesus prayer under the headship of Christ.

We believe that the Holy Spirit is moving and that the wave of the Spirit is drawing many to the feet of Jesus; God is pouring out times of refreshing bringing about a world-wide harvest until Christ fills everything. This we believe is God’s goal and destiny - to sum everything up in Christ.

We work alongside the Holy Spirit in proclaiming the Kingdom of God, seeking to see the power of God manifest, the sick healed and lepers cleansed …. Matt 10:7-8.

The Holy Spirit will carry out his work through men and women who have a Kingdom focus as He raises up Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers as described in Ephesians 4:11.

We are a relational company of ministries acknowledging that structures are necessary but our foundation is relationship.

We believe it is time to see the body of Christ as one and the unity that Christ secured and established on the cross being manifest in our hour with men and women from every tribe and culture, living in the light of the unity already won.

As the Lord gathers his people as the one church he is also drawing ministries together in Apostolic Centres to train, mobilise and release men and women into the earth to affect every sphere of life with a kingdom message (education, business, medical, social …) We are given to establish Apostolic Round Tables where the Ministries of Christ can sit and model the heavenly court on earth. These ministries will discover relationship and accountability making them effective in the ultimate intention of God.

We believe that when ministries of the Christ world-wide find one another and Apostles and Prophets seek the Lord together, then they will begin to mirror the courts of God in heaven on earth (Daniel 7, 1 Kings 22, Zachariah 3:6-8), resulting in the decrees of God being made known to earth, and affecting all of creation (Romans 8). We believe that the body can only fully mature when the ministries of Christ are fully restored and function as one through this restoration the people of God will be impacted, empowered and commissioned to reach a world-wide harvest and become a diverse expression of the body of Christ.

We will not allow any separation on doctrine, experience or denominational structures, streams or networks to separate the people, making these bigger than the Christ. Then we will see the spheres of life once again being shaped by the people of God.

We believe that this relationship will present a complete gospel and effectively minister to creation.

We are given to produce and protect the atmosphere that will be conducive for people to express their commission.