Making Jesus known!

The following story is from a lady inspired to share her testimony after hearing Johnny Kinch speak at All Nations in Coventry…

Johnny, you delivered a great message at All Nations, Coventry 26th April. I had a very busy week and was pretty tired on Sunday, but I experienced a realisation of being in the entourage of Christ while I was working that evening behind a bar in a hotel. Customers doing anything to make my job easy for me! Jesus made the opportunity for me to share about his love with one resident at the hotel - she wants to come along to All Nations ASAP!

Another family asked to hear my testimony… after hearing you speak that very morning, I was so keen, and having picked up a copy of your 'sharpen your story' tips, I was so encouraged. They listened, hungry to hear about Jesus. One young couple stayed till 1am just to keep talking about Jesus, and the Gospel. I was tired when I started my shift, but buzzing when I left!

Thank you for gifting three of our young members with your book too, lives will continue to be rescued by Jesus through your story.

Bless you.