Miraculous Healing in North Derbyshire!

The following testimony was reported by Dave Bunting, from North Debyshire New Life Church...

We recently witnessed the most incredible miracle when God healed Faye instantaneously. Faye was fifteen years old when she began to lose the use of her legs, and she experienced a speedy deterioration to the point of needing crutches, and ultimately a wheelchair.

During a Sunday morning meeting we announced that we would pray for the sick. Some of the people present went to Faye, who was sat at the front of the meeting playing her guitar, and prayed for her. Praise God – she was immediately, instantly and completely healed the moment they prayed – right before our very eyes. You would expect that after such a long time there would be muscle wastage, but her legs were strong and she has had no problems since. Amazing!

Making Jesus known!

The following story is from a lady inspired to share her testimony after hearing Johnny Kinch speak at All Nations in Coventry…

Johnny, you delivered a great message at All Nations, Coventry 26th April. I had a very busy week and was pretty tired on Sunday, but I experienced a realisation of being in the entourage of Christ while I was working that evening behind a bar in a hotel. Customers doing anything to make my job easy for me! Jesus made the opportunity for me to share about his love with one resident at the hotel - she wants to come along to All Nations ASAP!

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On-Air Prayer...!

In our news section and in our recent e-news (sign-up on the left if you haven't done so already or have a new email address) you may have read about Johnny Kinch hosting a series on Revelation / Genesis TV. Here is a short testimony of a healing that took place through on-air prayer!

"During the programme on Revelation TV on Thursday 25th September you prayed for me for healing for deafness in my left ear.  I write to you with Good News! After 24 years of deafness in my left ear I can now hear! I wish to THANK YOU for you persistant prayers and obedience to God. God Bless You Greatly!" AC