Twelve year-old Pastor!

The following report is from Weston Chewe a Zambian man who, with his wife Elizabeth, were impacted as Gareth & Sandra Duffty ministered at a conference there. This field report shows how God is using children to impact our world.

Elijah Chewe, our son who is 12 years old, started saying that he would be a pastor at the age of six and he has consistently maintained this position. He got born again on 25th December 2006 after he dreamt about Judgment day and was supposed to be cast in the lake of fire in that dream. He says God told him in the dream that he had not accepted Christ as his saviour. He woke up trembling and gave his life to Christ that night!

This year in June he preached to about 500 pupils during the school careers day activities. They call him "pastor" at school. He has been telling me for the past ten months to take him to a TV station as kid "Pastor" Elijah so that he can preach to his age group on TV. So I took him to the TV station and I was amazed at the open doors that were waiting for him. The Director of programmes immediately put him on the next day's kids' breakfast show to preach a 5 minute sermon live without even rehearsing. So on Saturday (09/08/2008), he preached his first sermon entitled "Vision," live on TV. He was featured as "Pastor" Elijah, the kid "pastor". He had three points in his sermon:

  1. Vision gives direction
  2. Vision brings success
  3. Vision improves your faith.

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Wonderfully Saved!

My name is Hannah Cartwright and I am 15 years old. I remember giving my life to God when I was just 12 but nothing seemed to change. In fact, my life seemed to get worse and I dealt with this in self destructive ways.

For years, I used to self harm (I still have the scars), starve myself and punch walls – anything I could do to make myself feel better. None of this worked and because of the deep sense of shame I felt, I locked myself away from other people. I turned into a horrible person – disobedient and rude. I’d lie compulsively to make myself look good and get the attention I felt I wasn’t getting from my friends and family at home.

To add to this, my home life was difficult too. My parents fought all the time and eventually divorced. This made things even harder as they began to depend on me for emotional support and as a young girl already struggling with her own issues; I started to crack under the pressure to the point where suicide looked like a very attractive option.

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What a mighty God we serve!

In early July 2008, I was diagnosed as having a DVT (blood clot) behind my left knee as well as Type 2 Diabetes.

The DVT Clinic said I would have to wear special support socks/ stockings every day for up to 6 months and that I couldn’t travel very far until at least September/October due to the risk of a further clot occurring or the current one breaking off and going elsewhere in my body (such as heart or lungs, which would mean going straight back into hospital). I am still taking anticoagulants (Warfarin) for the DVT and a minimalist dose of tablets for the Diabetes. I am trying to do all the doctors have advised me to do.

I have battled being overweight for a long time (years) and have accepted that being aware of my blood sugar levels daily is going to solve the Diabetes problem. With God’s help I know I can lose the excess weight once and for all!  I know that God is going to bring about a good thing out of a bad situation, not only for myself, but for my family too. I have total peace as I continue to trust Him.

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