Genesis Factor




The Genesis Factor (Lite) is a course intended to transform a person’s perception of reality and empower them to live in and understand the spiritual world. The class is designed to speak to new believers as well as seasoned ministers. The Genesis Factor (Lite) is highly recommended for those with a sense and call for the next phase of development in the Kingdom of God for the coming generation.


“Genesis” is Greek for Beginning. To understand why and how God created Man is essential to understand the key questions of life: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose?  The Genesis Factor (Lite) is not a discussion on why or how God created the planet in seven days, but something further reaching. It educates us on those essential questions, as well as our connection to divine purpose, eternal existence and prophetic reality.  It addresses why God at a specific point in time came in the person of Jesus Christ, established the Church, and explains the reason we are at a place 2000 years later, where we can enter into the next phase of spiritual development as we connect to humanity.


The Genesis Factor (Lite) is a moderately condensed edition of its complete version “The Genesis Factor”. Over a quarter of a century in the making, the course started as a Foundations Class with the recognition that the average Foundations/New Member’s Class seemed to only address doctrine, membership responsibilities and spiritual gifts. While these are important, they weren’t preparing people for one the greatest essentials that Christ desired of us and the world… Connection…  The only way to do this was to develop a course that would facilitate a person’s spiritual sensors (beyond their gifts) to actually perceive themselves and reality. Thus, The Genesis Factor was born…

About the Author:

Dr. John and his wife, Pastor Karen, have been pastors for over 25 years and are the founders of Oasis of the Valley in Monrovia, California. John’s personal call is to transverse denominational lines for the purpose of bringing the Body of Christ together to see communities touched by the love and power of Jesus Christ. John and Karen have also founded Foundation Rock Ministries, a ministry that provides encouragement, relationship, and leadership for ministers and their ministries.