Zimbabwe Welcomes the Nations

We were thrilled during August to enjoy time together with the family of God in Harare Zimbabwe, this was our First Restorers Relational Conference together.

Men, women and children gathered from four nations to be together.    Zambia, South Africa, Great Britain and Zimbabwe all came together to celebrate the faithfulness of God.

Travel took days for some coming via, bus, train, road and plane, but everyone arrived with anticipation and excitement, expecting a great time of celebration together.

The first night began with great praise, a sense of freedom and liberty was amongst all gathered.   Robert Mugayi shared the word that evening and provoked each one to live fully in the Abundant Life of Christ.

Much was planned over the few days together, sessions for men, ladies, business sessions, youth sessions and gatherings for everyone together.

We were privileged to hear the rich word of God through many ministers Cleopas Guavava, Willet Guavava, Charles Kudzerema, Gladys Kudzerema, Cedric Pekeur, Denise Pekeur, Nathaniel Pekeur, Cerys Duffty, Sandra Duffty and Gareth Duffty amongst others, all ministered Christ to the body.

One evening we experienced such a sense of joy together, there was much sharing, testifying of the goodness of God, singing and dancing, from all the regions represented!

Times of fun and fellowship filled the days, eating and sharing life together.   We were thrilled specifically to see relationships renewed and restoration taking place, it was an honour to be present and see lives being made whole again, and families being reunited.     Through the word, life poured out and lives were brought into liberty, freedom and restoration.

This our first Restorers Conference certainly fulfilled  its name…. Restoration certainly was outworked.

We are now planning for our next conference which will take place in Zambia during August 2017.     Plan now to come, start a saving scheme amongst friends, come and join the nations and see the restoration of God at work.