Apostolic Round Table Report

Apostolic Round Table

Ministries from the around the world gathered together recently at Nettle Hill, coming with no agenda, only to stand together before the throne of God, to, listen to heaven, the cries of the earth and catch the fathers heart for the time in which we live.     Many of the ministries gathered carry an apostolic anointing for their nation.    Men and women who have found heart joining even though they carry various understandings of biblical interpretation.    Representatives from four continents were present and during the time together we were led to call forth ministry connections into the fifth continent.   We are trusting god that by the next time we gather we will have found some joint connections into that fifth continent.


Much time was spent this year praying and hearing the voice of the Lord over the nation of Britain, speaking blessing over our nation and our government and calling forth the nation to its true identity, that of a lion and not a cynic


It is also our practice during these times to minister to all the ministries present, seeking to send each one home refreshed and empowered for the next season, during this time we speak also into the nations and the continents of our world.   We believe that as we speak our words create, we seek to partner with God and speak forth the declarations of heaven, to see the Kingdom of God come.


It was a blessing this year to have a number of new ministries join with us and find an ease of flow together before our father.