Reports on M powered

M:Powered aims to both practically and supernaturally empower young people to realise their full potential in Christ Jesus. Passionate times of worship, small group bible studies and powerful preaching are just some of the ways M:Powered connects with our Father God in this truly life changing time together.

M Powered Team

M:Powered returned again this summer with it’s annual youth conference held at the picturesque Nettle Hill Training and Conference Centre. M:Powered saw 45 young people gather together to learn what it means to follow Jesus.

The primary focus of the week was following Jesus. In exploring this we looked at the role of the scriptures, prayer and worship, silence, reflective writing and intimacy in our everyday lives. Special guests came in to share from their own experiences adding a unique and diverse flavour to the week.

Each day had morning worship times, small groups over lunch, boys and girls time, an evening meeting and then finished with the Live Lounge Café.

During the week God met everyone where they were at and brought them to a deeper understanding of His love for them as His children. There were times of high praise and intimate silence as young people learnt to offer up their lives in worship to the creator of everything. The young people seemed to catch a spirit of prayer and would often take the initiative in praying for each other during the course of the week.

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