Culture of Honour

 Culture of Honour- Danny Silk 

A Book review written by Simon and Nikki Mills 

I’m a big fan of Bethel, CA… but, I’m not usually a big reader of these ‘mega-ministry’ type books. They usually come packed with dramatic anecdotes and pithy principles and little else. That being said I have found that my mind still reverberates with the thoughts provoked. To be really honest I found a couple of sections really offensive to my way of thinking - but that is where the book’s power resides.

It is a provocation and it will, potentially, offend some of our sensibilities – especially in how we deal with people and dare I say, how we ‘judge’ people. Let’s be honest, we do judge, we do have a yard stick and we measure people against it. This book just challenges those norms.

It does come with anecdotes – the situations explored are difficult and challenging… of course the outcomes were great. What I really wanted to do after reading was grill Danny Silk on all the times these ideas failed.

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Redeeming Love

Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

Review by Sandra Duffty 

I very rarely read fiction, and definitely never read Christian fiction, but I was given this book and so I decided to lay aside my prejudices and give it a try.

I was hooked by the author’s retelling of the Book of Hosea.   She painted graphic pictures for me, enabling me to grapple with my understanding of the depths of love, she caught my heart and took me to the depths of my emotion, equipping me to feel with the characters of the book.    The parallels with the love of God were opened up to me as I pondered the depth, height and the total immensity of Gods unconditional love, a love that knows no limit and no end... truely amazing.

The depths of love depicted throughout the story paint a vivid picture of the cost and challenges of true love, the story obviously ends with the victory of love, love wins.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to explore the Love of God.

Ps 30:5b - “Weeping may last for the night but joy comes in the morning...”