One Night with the King

If you’d like to watch a film with plenty of intrigue, romance and lavish sets; then this is for you.

The film faithfully follows the biblical story of Esther and excels in adding details from other historical sources. ‘One Night with the King’ is a beautifully crafted love story, set amongst all the political skullduggery and backstabbing which ultimately elevates Haman to his position of power.

It opens with an interesting flashback to Samuel’s killing of Agag, as a background to Haman’s hatred of the Jews. Supposition, yes, but very plausible. Esther is portrayed as a very outgoing young woman, who desires to return to Jerusalem. Mordecai, a palace scribe, struggles with life in Susa and is frightened to rock the boat for fear of retribution against the Jews.

As Vashti is exiled, Esther gradually wins Xerxes’ affection and the process of selecting the new queen comes to a moving conclusion. Then the intrigue continues with poisonings and knives in the back until the tables are turned on Haman through Esther’s dramatic entrance and intervention in Xerxes’ court.

I would heartily recommend this film to every family. Children under ten might find some of the plot difficult to follow without help but I’m sure you’ll all enjoy this together.

- Mike Fielder