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Details about the college 


Venue - South Africa Campus Firlands Gordons Bay -


Nestled amongst the Helderburg mountains and close to the beach, Firlands is the perfect location to draw aside, study and reflect.   The campus has its own swimming pool and BBQ area, for relaxation along with 4.7 hectares of grounds.   Situated 40 min from Cape Town International Airport.   Firlands is part of the beach town of Gordons Bay a popular holiday setting for South Africans, close to Somerset West overlooking False Bay. Teaching -




will be provided through mature, seasoned international ministries, themselves constantly journeying into the depths of God, they will unpack fresh insight into the word, our world and the purpose of God in the nations.    


The College will be offering a Certificate in Theology as part of a 1 month teaching block programme, although you can sign up for 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 or the full 4 week block.   

Teaching faculty: John Mastrogiovanni(USA), Cedric Pekeur (SA), Gareth Duffty, Sandra Duffty(UK), Paul Callan(UK), Peter Topliss(UK), Tommy Beukes(SA), John Fisher(SA), Roma & Catharine Nyakambumba (Zambia), Charles Kudzerema (Zimbabwe), Mark & Pat McElwee(USA), Robert Mugayi(Zimbabwe), Will Wheat(USA), Ralph & Renuka Gloeckner(Germany & India), Andrew Hulley(UK & Canada), John Tancock(UK)




On site accommodation is available, in dormitory style, alternatively there are Air B & B and hotel facilities available in the locality.    



Teaching costs and educational fees:- Basic accommodation & Food costs:- $135.00/£100.00 per week for accommodation which includes all food & linen Tuition costs:- $195.00/£150.00 per week 






There will be a number of projects being developed on site which will be available for participation such as horticultural developments, vineyard planting and dressing, small market gardening.     There is a Gym close by with whom we can negotiate fees.      Sight seeing trips can be planned to Cape Town, the Wine lands etc.    Sand, sea and mountains, are all on your doorstep!



You can enroll any time of year by simply contacting us via we will return quickly once an approach is made. Curriculum: -see attachmen


Evening School:

During the month  we will be offering a night school for those who live locally.   4 Nights per week Tuesday through Friday, commencing at 7pm each evening.   Curriculum followed will be close to the day curriculum 


Other Courses Offered At the Campus are: School of the Prophets; Apostolic Insights; 9 Months School; Leadership Forums; Degree and Certificate courses.



 General principles in studying theology - Christ as perfect theology: Foundations for faith – healthy approaches to theology and study


Hermeneutics - Core principles – exegesis, authorial intent, cultural issues; Interpreting different genres of Scripture; Trajectories in Scripture (progressive revelation) e.g. violence, wrath, gender


Biblical Studies - What the Bible is and what it isn’t; Overview of the Bible – an unfolding narrative; Old & New Testament Overview; Methods of study; Example books / groups


Nature of God - Trinity and its implications (relationship as primary, non-hierarchical, community, non-coercive); Attributes of God; Relationship and free-will Fatherhood (& motherhood) of God; Christology and incarnation; The Holy Spirit -  Person and work, gifts, fruit


Salvation means Creation healed Restoration- God’s original and ultimate purpose; Restoration of creation – environmental ethics, creation care, creation and evolution; Restoration of individuals, communities, societies;


Gospel of the kingdom - The Gospel of Christ; Healing and miracles announce and extend kingdom; Now and not yet; Kingdom and politics; Kingdom and social justice; Kingdom and ethics: how should we live?


An invitation to a Relational God Covenant -The environment in which kingdom is expressed and restoration occurs; Rooted in God’s nature (Trinity); Biblical covenants – moving towards full relationship; Implications for human relationships, church and life


Further Curriculum:  


Nature of humanity- Image and likeness; Priesthood and rule; Fall and future glory; Soteriology (What is salvation? Atonement, justification, righteousness, evangelism and apologetics, salvation as creation healed.); Sexuality and marriage


Understanding leadership - Purpose of leadership; Is leadership a hierarchy?; Servant leadership; Practising leadership #1; Responsibilities, joys and pitfalls; Healthy relationships; Staying the course – avoiding burnout; Preaching and teaching; Counselling and pastoral care; Working with youth and children; Supernatural ministry; Leadership ethics; Self-leadership; Corporate & Plurality


Ecclesiology - What is meant by church?; Church history: Body and Bride; Gathered church – patterns and purpose of meeting; Scattered church – the role of the church in the world; Praise and worship; Baptism; The Lord’s Supper; Mission (Misseo Dei, making disciples c.f. converts)


Eschatology - Common views, pro’s and con’s; Christ as eschatology; Hope for the future – the effect of our theology on our expectations and practice; Eternity – heaven or earth?; Heaven & Hell - views

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