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Formed in the past,

   Moving in the present,

            built for the future...

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As we look forwards and back I'm sure we all have different thoughts of what the future holds. Even as we consider the past we would have different thoughts about what got us to this point.


Several years ago I picked up a book called “The Tipping Point”, I am told it has become rather a buzz statement for many, with some taking it to sum up their feelings of now.


The notion is, that everything comes to a point of balance, one that is ready to tip and in the fullness of time throws its weight forwards towards a certain direction.


Many things can tip the balance, it could be a reasoned thought, an emotional response, or a circumstance that pushes and takes you over an edge. The statement we often used to hear was “its got to break” this has now moved into a roller-coaster movement as barriers have broken forth beginning a direction that seemingly has its own momentum.


So many people I talk to feel as if they are approaching a tipping point, or are just about to tip over into something new. Whatever way we consider the past, the present or the future, I have come to one conclusion that echoes loudest over all my thoughts. 


I have shared this in several settings over the last few years . It has been so loud in my thinking that it drowned out every other thought in my mind, it is; “what got me here will not get me there”.


As God has moved each of us around the globe, making new connections, growing the family of God. It has been clear to a number of us that we are called to move together as part of the restoration of Gods plan for His Kingdom. Out of this Restorers Restoration Movement was born.


We are a family of Apostolic families from all over the world. Formed in the past, moving in the present and working together to build a better future

TOGETHER for Christ His Kingdom and His Church are working to see the fulfillment of God’s Kingdom on earth, through proclamation and action.

Seeing in action lives changed and cities transformed, heralding the revealing of the sons of God and the return of Christ on earth as it is in Heaven.

  • We believe that the church is to be a mirror of the vibrant authentic life of Christ manifest on earth, and as ministries we are committed to the maturing of the body of Christ, setting our sites on God Kingdom come.

  • We give our lives to the empowering of the saints of God as they take their place in creation.  Through Apostolic centers to train, mobilise and release all those in the body of Christ to positively effect every sphere of life. Romans 8

  • We are given to establish Apostolic Round Tables where the Ministries of Christ can sit and model the heavenly court on earth. These ministries will discover relationship and accountability making them effective in the ultimate intention of God. Daniel 7, 1 Kings 22, Zachariah 3:6-8),

  • We seek to see the body of Christ as ONE, to fulfill Jesus prayer under the headship of Christ, as God’ goal and destiny for the of creation to be summed up in Christ.  We believe it is time to see the body of Christ as one and the unity that Christ secured and established on the cross being manifest in our hour with men and women from every tribe and culture, living in the light of the unity already won.

  • We work alongside the Holy Spirit in proclaiming the Kingdom of God, seeking to see the power of God manifest, the sick healed and lepers cleansed …. Matt 10:7-8.

  • We believe in a relational God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit a seek to mirror this relational model within our ministries.

  • We believe in restoration of people, the world and heaven on earth


The Holy Spirit will carry out his work through men and women who have a Kingdom focus as He raises up Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers as described in Ephesians 4:11.

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"For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed."

Romans  8 :19

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